Whilst the health and safety of both our clients and staff has always been at the heart of everything we do since the day we opened, the recent pandemic has focused our efforts even more!

As well as stringent day to day cleaning routines and checks across all sites and the introduction of Ozone Technology 18 months ago, we have recently also started our accreditation to British Standard EN 14065.

BS EN 14065 is the internationally recognised standard for certifying that linens processed by us are not just visually clean but hygienically clean and safe.

We now take regular samples of various items within the laundries including clean towels, employees hands, water tanks, insides of vans, hard surfaces and trolleys to mention just a few things and test the results to ensure we meet the very highest standards.

Achieving this certification proves to our customers that we are disinfecting the items we wash. 

The certification is achieved by implementation of an RABC system (Risk analysis Bio-contamination control)

The RABC system is aligned with the HACCP system used in the food industry as it follows the same 7 principles and is focused on analysis and control of the risks posed by microbiological contamination commonly found on soiled textiles

The 7 principles are:

Identification of microbiological hazards and measures to control the risk
Determination of points in the system to control the risk
Establishing targets and tolerances.
Establishing a system of monitoring
Establishing a system of corrective actions to stay safe
Establishing a procedure to check the system works
Document and record important data to evidence the system is robust.

​We hope to be fully accredited by the end of 2020 which sets us apart again from many of our competitors and just proves our ongoing commitment to ensuring a truly safe and award winning laundry service.