Since the start of the pandemic we have introduced very strict Covid Secure measures across all sites but especially at our shops including reducing the number of staff working at any one time, reducing opening hours, staff wearing face masks and gloves at all times, regular cleaning of all surfaces, additional hand sanitiser stations, only allowing one customer in the shops at a time and introducing a contactless payment system with strictly no cash.

We have now taken the lessons learnt from the shops and combined with guidance from various sources including The Dept for Health, the broader UK Government and UK Active, now ensure we meet and in most cases exceed the various safe practices and social distancing that is so key.

The below is a ​rough guide to measures we have introduced so far;

 *   All commercial laundries underwent a full deep clean prior to reopening.
 *   All linen hampers are washed using Ozone Technology after each use.
 *   All metal cages are jet washed and sprayed with a sanitising solution after each use.
 *   Staff start times and break times have beeb staggered slightly more to ensure no congestion around toilet areas or entrances and exits.
 *   All staff starting work on each shift, including drivers and managers, will have their temperature taken using a digital thermometer before being allowed into the units and also when they finish their shift. Each member of staff will also be given gloves and a mask and this along with their temperature will be logged by a Manager or Supervisor and the staff member made to sign each time.
 *   Kitchen areas and staff rest areas are currently closed off to and staff encouraged to bring their own food and drink and take their proper breaks away from the main laundry.
 *   Hand sanitising stations as well as aprons, gloves and masks are distributed around the laundries to ensure everyone has easy access to anything they may need during their shift.
 *   Floor markings in washing, drying and packing areas clearly show 2 meter distance required between each staff member and these will be rigorously policed and enforced. Anyone breaking any rules or regulations will be dismissed immediately.
 *   Regular disinfecting of all touch points and surfaces throughout the laundries on a regular basis.
 *   Every 30 minutes all machine handles and doors are being sanitised.
 *   Our Health and Safety Consultant has updated all our Health & Safety Policies and Procedures to ensure we meet the stringent new norms and we will continue to review on a weekly basis.
 *   No inward deliveries from suppliers will be allowed into or near the laundries and they will be diverted to our warehouse where everything will be unpacked and sanitised if required before being used or allowed in.
 *   Drivers are equipped with gloves, masks and hand sanitiser and know to change and use before each new delivery.
 *   They have been told to keep any contact to a minimum whilst delivering so please forgive them if they aren’t as chatty as usual.
 *   Van interiors are cleaned and disinfected upon arrival back at the laundries after each delivery and the exteriors washed regularly.
 *   As I’m sure you are aware we introduced Ozone Technology into all our commercial laundries last year so we feel very confident we have the resources to deal with this terrible pandemic. Ozone Technology was designed by NASA years ago and is a more powerful disinfectant than chlorine killing all bacteria and viruses known to man - if you require more information then please let me know.
 *   Ozone Technology along with our state of the art automatic chemical dosing system means we are fully capable of dealing with all eventualities and puts us miles ahead of many of our competitors.
 *   All our dryers are set to dry at a minimum of 180 degrees for at least 55 minutes thus again ensuring nothing can survive our stringent laundering processes.
 *   We are introducing a biodegradable / water soluble plastic bag system that can be used instead of the usual cotton hampers if customers require which we believe is a great initiative in the fight to reduce infection. These bags can be placed in changing rooms, staff rooms, kitchens, on gym floors etc and reduce the need for any staff contact.  Towels or other items requiring laundering can be placed in these bags directly by members or clients after use and simply sealed by staff when full. They are then collected in the usual way and placed directly into our 100kg washers meaning there is absolutely no human contact from start to finish as the bags dissolve in the machines. 

The above list is not exhaustive and we will continue to evolve and fine tune but we believe it’s a great start and should give you and more importantly your members, users, staff and clients the confidence and peace of mind that collectively we are doing our best to reduce any risks and help bring this terrible pandemic under control.