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Super Laundry Ltd are London's premier and preferred laundry partner and have a built a superb reputation based on our amazing customer service, competitive price and unrivalled delivery service. With a brand new fleet of vans and state of the art washers, dryers and ironers we can deliver a wide range of both personal and commercial laundry services as well as dry cleaning and other associated services 
We work with large international gym chains, bespoke fitness studios, local government offices, TV production companies, West End theatres, charities, cafes, restaurants, Thames river boats, Universities, hairdressers, spa's, world renowned lawyers, hotels, hostels and airbnb's through to exclusive private members clubs and many many local businesses.

Eskimo Laundry Shop


Initially formed in 2008 out of all old fashioned launderette in Islington, we now employ 120 staff (and growing) across 2 commercial laundries and 2 shops. Our new 5000 sqft Park Royal commercial unit is our largest project to date and gives us the capacity to launder over 4000 bath towels an hour! 

We have a fleet of brand new leased vans, all fitted with GPS tracking devices, out across London, delivering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

We deliver a broad range of laundry services across a growing range of customers and have recently acquired a new commercial unit next door to our current commercial laundry in Kings Cross that will become our 3rd commercial laundry opening late 2017 / early 2018.


Super Laundry provides a vast professional range of services including 

* Towel rental and laundry

* Linen rental and laundry

* Corporate wear

* Textile rental

* Shirt services